Beautiful Color Changing LED Light Inflatable Cone for Event Decoration
Feb 26 , 2020

Beautiful Color Changing LED Light Inflatable Cone for Event Decoration

Each decoration inflatable cone include sturdy base & internal bulb attach to the base.
Durable and require minimal electrical power.Powered by a quiet internal fan to continuous power supply. Inflatable decoration cone in white for best lighting effects. To change the colour from within, we change the internal bulb with a colour of your choice.

LED light inflatable decoration cone was widely used for party, holiday, event, wedding decoration.With the inflatable lights, the Lighting inflatables is more romantic,they can make person happy in this surrounding.The led light inflatable decoration are portable and colorful and can also be rotable with a special air blower.Led Light Inflatable cone really bring much

fun and happiness with this decorations.

Outdoor decoration LED Light Inflatable cone bring a brand new effect. Modern lighting for events, fill big empty ceilings, halls, marquees, entrances, stages etc. Light up your venue, creates superb ambient lighting effects. An impressive and eye-catching prop, themed events, sculptural lighting. Use this concept to enhance your event.

Inflatable led light cone is suitalbe for wedding, party, club, concerts, public performances decoration or other place, Celebration parties, etc.LED light Inflatable cone is the most popular inflatable decoration that it is exciting and amazing for a party or any theme events.

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