Kids and Adults Outdoor Sport Game Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall
Feb 22 , 2020

Inflatable climbing wall is a inflatable sport game for both adults and children to climb. Generally Inflatable climbing wall is mainly two parts, one is the inflatable vertical climb wall with holds and grips, another is the safety mat bottom. It is designed to be used in outdoors and indoors. Inflatable rock climbing wall is fun and safe for people to try climbing game. It takes up a relatively small space and is easy to set up and operate.

Inflatable Climbing Wall

1) The inflatable rock climbing wall is easy to set up. It inflates in only several minutes with the included blowers and features.

2) Flame retardant , water proof, excellent UV-resistant.
3) Superior Quality & competitive Price.
4) Materials and Colors
Our material is Double layer PVC coated With Mesh Net, we Named it PVC Vinyl . We also call it 3 layer PVC vinyl .To do sealed inflatable products,   0.55mm Thickness to 0.6mm Thickness is the most frequency USE material . We normally will use such thickness to do inflatable game.
5) Production technology
Double stitching throughout the unit with triple stitching. Quadruple stitching in key areas inside the base of the unit. Extra webbing reinforced strip on all the stress points and interior panels.

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