Factory top quality customized inflatable movie screen for outdoor events
Jan 03 , 2020

Bring back the days of drive-in movies by buy one of our Inflatable Movie Screens. Our giant size movie screens are guaranteed to impress your guests at any party or event. Rent an Inflatable Movie Screen and enjoy an Outdoor Movie, Video Game Party, Family Night, School/Church event, Fundraiser, Super Bowl Party, World Series Party, Pool Party, Slide Show, The Big Game or any event under the stars for the ultimate viewing experience. These are not limited to outdoor events only, they can be brought inside gyms or auditoriums for an indoor show. You can even add some of our fun food concessions to make your event extra special.

inflatable movie screen

Enjoy a movie night out under the stars with this inflatable movie screen. Includes video projector, DVD player and a booming sound system. It’s your own personal drive-in movie theater! Pool Parties, Neighborhood or School Events, Video Game Tournaments, Super Bowl Parties - Your imagination can make this inflatable theater a huge success.

Inflatable Movie Screen is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They can be made with different colors, and different sizes, which will be outstanding and attractive.

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